Music Therapist-Clinical Lead

Job type: Part-Time

Approx. hours/w availability: 12

Job location: Canada Ontario

Compensation range (CAD): $30-$35

Job qualifications:

Job description:

Fernie Youth Services is launching an urban music therapy program. Over 16 weeks, the Beat Builders program will equip youth experiencing obstacles with new skills, tools, and meaningful mentorship to boost their mental health and sense of accomplishment in the short term while empowering them with skills to flourish in the long term.

This position is a key part of Fernie Youth Services Community Service Programming. Specifically, this role belongs to the Beat Builders urban music therapy program and is focused on supporting youth clients with their psychological, emotional, or behavioural challenges. The position will also evaluate and measure the outcomes and impact of the program.

The Clinical Lead is accountable for establishing and managing the therapeutic goals and objectives of this group therapy program. They are responsible for identifying psychological, emotional, or behavioral challenges of the young people referred to the program, supporting goal setting and creating plans of action, while, aligning curriculum with these identified needs, within the confines of the program parameters. Leading the group therapeutic aspects and supported by the Youth Worker and Music Producer, the Clinical Lead supports the creation and facilitation of the overall Beat Builders Curriculum.

The successful candidate will have proven experience in the facilitation of group therapy programs, while being resilient, compassionate, and creative in their approach.

The Clinical Lead will also provide leadership, support, and management on matters related to Performance Monitoring, Outcome Evaluation, Process Evaluation, and Impact Evaluation based on mental health goals for clients. The incumbent must be able to conduct surveys, hold focus groups, implement best practices, and complete final reports to evaluate both mental health and other skills developed within the program.

As part of the overall Fernie Youth Services team, the Clinical Lead will participate in staff-wide meetings, communications and other activities.

Key Responsibilities
• Leading clinical observations during program sessions, documented in reports, checklists and individual case notes.
• Active engagement with program staff and participants to further establish and build positive rapport and relationships.
• Reviewing and analysing program documentation and records for overall program reporting. client impact and continuous improvement.
• Completing Intake, Attendance and Assessment Forms
• Working with program staff to develop client goals for the program.
• Completing Pre, Mid and Post Evaluation and Assessment according to overall program evaluation strategy, and refining this evaluation framework over time
• Providing final reports on the overall client and stakeholder needs (progress, challenges and next steps based on feedback)
• Developing and maintaining a list of additional community supports/resources/services
• Maintaining an Evaluation and Assessment Strategy and Framework for the program, engaging clients, case managers, support workers, program staff, and community partners as needed.
• Engage in Fernie Youth Services organization-wide activities

About You: Knowledge, Skills and Experience
1. Bachelor of Social Work/Master of Social Work or related discipline
2. 1 year of clinical professional experience
3. Experience in delivering a group therapy program
4. Experience with Culturally-Informed Practices, Trauma-Informed Practices and/or Empowerment-based practices
5. Must have experience working with youth in the Youth Justice Sector
6. Experience working with youth in a group program setting
7. Rapport building and interpersonal relationships
8. Communication
9. Problem-solving
10. Organization
11. Ethics, with an understanding of professional ethics in evaluation and assessment
12. Active listening
13. Patience
14. Experience dealing with challenging behaviours
15. Strong analytical, problem solving, decision making and multi tasking
16. Managing program evaluation logistics
17. Maintenance of documentation related to evaluation
18. Police Record Check with vulnerable sector screening
19. Minimum 2 COVID-19 vaccinations.

Additional info:

Seeking candidates driven by caring, purpose and making a difference in the lives of young people! About Us: Fernie Youth Services gives opportunities to young people that have been given up on, marginalized and excluded from opportunity. Guided by values of respect, integrity, compassion, and excellence we serve young people in and at risk of being in conflict with the law on a journey towards reintegration and purposeful living. Caring Beyond Reason is at the heart of our programs for young people and their families and at the heart of all we do. To date, Fernie has put over 6,000 young men and women on new paths to become contributing, law-abiding citizens. What’s it like to work here? Always going above and beyond, we give the next generation hope to become the best versions of themselves. That is us. An organization of diverse professionals focused on creating a feel of hope and of purpose in the young persons we support. And we support each other, through learning,


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